The Exeter Uni Meditation Society

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Every Monday and Thursday we run meditation sessions at the University. They take place in Queens building, rooms MR1, 2 and 3 (all one room) and run from 7pm to 8pm. After each session we drink tea and eat biscuits. Everyone is welcome.


Our sessions on Monday evenings aim to be mindfulness-based and beginner-friendly. These usually consist of a short breathing meditation from well-known sources (such as best-selling books, the leading meditation app ‘Headspace’ and Mindfulness CDs), followed by a themed discussion chosen by the committee. Then, we invite you to come forward and join in on our fruitful Show&Tell, whereby a volunteer student shares an object or a passage from a book that has particular meaning to their life. We end on another meditation and the discussions usually roll on while we're packing up the room into the evening.

Our sessions on Thursday evenings consist of two longer and less guided meditations led by the Exeter University Buddhist chaplain, John Danvers. He then gives, alternating weekly, rich, informative talks about various meditative and spiritual traditions and creative activities such as free-hand drawing and structured chanting.

We invite various teachers from the wider Exeter community to guide one-off sessions, such as monks from local Buddhist monasteries as well as therapists from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy professions.

We have regular socials that range from walks in Exeter and beyond, tie dye workshops, meals and nights out. Last year, we threw a sober night out event at the Lemmy with yoga before and chai tea after which was very successful. We have interest in doing joint socials with the Buddhist society and the Mind Your Head (mental health awareness) society.

The society has a whopping 40+ books that have been generously donated by Monks we have had sessions with or by students themselves. These can be borrowed at any time throughout the year.

We believe that mindfulness meditation (and indeed many types of meditation) and especially the inclusive sessions we offer could be of benefit to anyone, no matter their faith or background. We are committed to the cultivation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere!

For any information, please contact
President Chantal D'Arcy -
Treasurer Emma Grindrod -

Andy Puddicombe on Meditation


Mindfulness, loving-kindness and positive mood

"Research has proved that meditation focusing on loving-kindness for the self and for others boosted positive emotions which then led to a sense of having a greater zest for life."


Meditation and depression

"Research has shown that meditation significantly reduces the chances of suffering depression. In fact, it reduces the likelihood of relapse by about 40-50% in people who have suffered three or more previous episodes of depression"


Meditation and physical health

​"One study, funded by the US National Institutes of Health and published in 2005, discovered that meditation leads to massive reduction in mortality"